Customs Related Activities

Our customs consultants can review your supply chain to help enhance customsactivities, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance.

Customs Management :

Global Customs Management Program to coordinate the customs activities in various countries or support specialized services (e.g. Customs Competence Teams for Customers to monitor all customs transactions in Europe or globally)

Import and Export Declaration Filing :

Customs declarations to process the import/export of goods. This can include the filing of customs declarations prior to shipment arrival at the destination country (where allowed).

Security Filing :

Advance notification to authorities in importing countries, consisting of critical information for security screening. Examples are the US Importer Security Filing (ISF) and the EU Import Control System (ICS).

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Regulatory Interpretation & Consultation :

Interpretation and Consultation e.g. Tariff Classification Services; Tariff Engineering and Duty Optimization, Binding Rulings; Prior Disclosures and Penalty Avoidance; Administrative Appeal Support and Representation; Appeals, Petitions & Protests; Import/Export Licenses and Quotas.

Customs Training & Education :

Customs Compliance Assessments and Audits; Development of Internal Compliance Manuals; Documentation and Recordkeeping Requirements..

Duty & Tax Programs :

Management of duties and taxes programs, e.g. Duty Drawback; Trade Agreement and Preferential Treatment Qualifications; Duty Optimization Planning, Audits and Refunds; Tariff Concession Order Applications and Representation; Foreign Trade Zone Consulting and Support.

On-Site Resources :

 We provide highly experienced on-site staff to support in different areas of the customs clearance process, e.g. filing of customs declarations, goods classification, and other customs activities.


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